AKRON is a leading Manufacturer of Grain Bagging Equipment. AKRON GRAIN BAGGERS have evolved over the years to incorporate feedback from producers to make the best bagger on the market. The NEW GTT4010 GRAIN BAGGER features a hydraulic bag lift and bottom tray to make it the easiest machine to put a bag on in the market today. The EXG300 GRAIN BAG UNLOADER is one of the most versatile and efficient unloaders that features large cross augers and vertical augers and comes with the GRAIN PUSHER BARTM as a patented standard feature. The GTX3230 GRAIN BAGGER is another high capacity bagger that can also be used with a televeyor. The televeyor is used to unload trucks using a conveyor instead of an auger. It also telescopes in and out making unloading a truck much easier.
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