Bagging 101


Increase harvest efficiency, reduce costs, and corner the grain market when prices are optimal with an Akron grain bagging system from Busch Equipment.

When it comes to harvest, it’s no secret that increasing speed and efficiency is the best way to keep earning potentials high. Down time spent waiting on trucks, grain bin dryers and elevator lines cut into bottom lines, as well as finding enough help to get it all done. An Akron grain bagging system from Busch Equipment allows for filling bags in the field to keep combines moving and reducing the number of people needed to handle the undertaking. The Akron grain bagger is easily filled directly from the combine, grain carts or trucks and expands the capacity of a producer’s existing grain storage system exponentially; all at a fraction of the cost of a conventional grain bin or off-site storage setup.

An Akron grain bagging system from Busch Equipment creates a dry, air-tight and controlled environment for short term grain storage. This eliminates the need for drying and chemical usage to control potential fungal growth and insect infestation. Once sealed and maintained properly, bagged grain remains virtually unchanged, extending the storage life of the crop and maximizing profit opportunities to sell when market prices are high.

Cornering the grain market couldn’t be easier with an Akron grain bagging system from Busch Equipment. This adaptable and convenient system allows producers to store and remove
grain after harvest when time is abundant and prices are favorable. Take control and corner the grain market when earnings are ideal, rather than forcing hasty decisions on pricing commodities during harvest when prices are typically low.

Busch Equipment is proud to supply grain bagging solutions from AKRON, a company with 20-years of proven international industry success in grain storage.

Watch below for video instructions on the do's and don'ts of grain bagging with Akron Grain Storage Systems.

Avoid Double Bagging

Benefits of Grain Bagging
Low-Cost, Unlimited Storage
An AKRON Grain Storage system from Busch Equipment provides unlimited and expandable temporary on-site grain storage, eliminating the need to invest in expensive permanent storage solutions or off-site storage rental. Especially when crop yields are high, an Akron grain bagging system will help you maximize potential earnings from a bumper crop.

Increase Harvest Speed and Efficiency
Allows grain to be stored in the field directly after harvesting, reducing down time, keeping combines moving and eliminating the need for hired help to truck the grain back to the yard or co-op.

Maximize Profits
Low grain prices and average to high yields call for a solution to hold your grain until market prices become more favorable. An Akron grain bagging system from Busch Equipment will help you capture the grain market when the prices are right.

Easiest setup on the market
Reduce time and labor required to load and setup each bag. Akron is the only grain bagger on the market using a patented Easy Lift TM hydraulic system that makes lifting, loading and attaching the bag to the machine much less labor intensive.

Highest Capacity Hopper
Built with the largest hopper on the market, an Akron grain bagger makes it easy to load and achieve a full 32,000 bushels per hour load capacity when using a 75-100 horsepower tractor.

Cost Efficient Storage On Rented Land
Eliminate trucking expenses and avoid investing in permanent storage on rented farm ground.

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